2/10/2019 Delaware Art Museum Chinese Year Performance

It was a busy day for the troupe to travel to Delaware Art Museum to host a Year of Pig Chinese New Year Celebration with the audience.  Renaissance Chinese Opera Society was grateful to accept Delaware Art Museum’s warm invitation.  The auditorium was filled with diverse audience.  The performance was led by Yong Hong Jia who performed both Kun Opera “Peony Pavilion”, and Beijing Opera – “Drunken Beauty”.  Ms. Tiffany Ho and Ms. Isabella Ji acted as palace ladies. Raymond Ge demonstrated his Taekwondo bare-hand wooden board chopping skill to excite the crowd. Master Zhang Li-Ping showcased his magical Sichuan Opera “Face-Changing” to delight both the children and adults.   The museum also prepared many Chinese cultural activities such as Chinese Calligraphy, painting, lantern making, and paper cutting.  It was a great atmosphere and a special day for everyone!