2/2/2019 Huaxia Chinese New Year Gala at New Jersey State Theatre 普兰春晚

To usher the year of pig, Renaissance Chinese Opera Society was proud to present “The Drunken Beauty” at the  annual Chinese New Year Gala in New Jersey State Theatre.  The historic 1800-seat venue was filled with audience.  Renaissance Chinese Opera Society troupe had done a wonderful job  exhilarate the audience.  Special thank you to our volunteer cast members, Ms Tiffany Ho, Mr. Huang Xiaoyan, Ms. Rose Liu, Ms. Rayna Yu, and Ms. Isabella Ji for weeks of hard work in preparing for the show.

2/12/2019 華夏普蘭斯堡中文學校春晚 精彩紛呈 SOURCE: WORLD JOURNAL






Special thanks to Karl Wang for sharing below photos.