1/16/2020 Chinese New Year Celebration at Chinese Consulate New York city


2/2-2/3 2019 Year of the Pig Chinese New Year Celebration with Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company at NJPAC

Renaissance Chinese Opera Society was thrilled to join force with Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company to perform Peking Opera in NJPAC on 2/2 and 2/3 to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Special thanks for our volunteer cast members, Ms Tiffany Ho, Mr. Huang Xiaoyan, Ms. Rose Liu, Ms. Rayna Yu, and Ms. Isabella Ji for weeks of hard work in preparing for the show.

To celebrate the Year of the Pig, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company has developed a rich and unique program that incorporates many positive aspects of Chinese and Chinese American immigrant culture in the program. Beside the remarkably acrobatic and beautiful dances, the Company has also invited special guest artists: Bamboo Flute master Tao Chen, Peking Opera artist YongHong Jia, and paper cut master Hotien Cheng.

Choreographer/Dancer, Nai-Ni Chen is a unique choreographer whose work crosses many cultural boundaries. Each of her dance reflects her personal vision as an American artist with deep roots in the Asian culture, working on new dances influenced by cultures around the world, reaching beyond the perceived limitations of time, distance, and traditions. The company’s accomplishments are evident in its extensive performance schedule and its powerful and elegant productions which have been presented at some of the most prestigious concert halls such as the Joyce Theater in New York, Lincoln Center, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in California, the Raymond F. Kravis Center, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Florida, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center as well as appearing on a number of television specials on PBS/NJN, ABC, WNYC and others as well as eight international tours spanning the globe.


2/6/2019 United Nations Commutech Group Celebrates Chinese New Year

Renaissance Chinese Opera Society was excited to participate in United Nations Commutech Group  Chinese New Year Celebration in New York City.

2019年2月6日,由联合国网合集团、西非经济共同体常驻联合国代表团、几内亚比绍常驻联合国代表团及塞拉利昂常驻联合国代表团共同隆重举办 “联合国、非洲、美国、中国新年春节和平音乐会”。當晚,西非经济共同体常驻联合国代表团大使和纽约市议员顾雅明先生到場與聯合國網合集團總裁林總攜全體員工及紐約、紐澤西的藝術家們同慶!很榮興受邀同慶並感謝與感恩林總、淑廉老師為了幫我們京昆藝人一同向世界人民傳播國粹,特選我劇照制作了精美首日封相贈。讓我們同祈“世界永和平”

2/2/2019 Huaxia Chinese New Year Gala at New Jersey State Theatre 普兰春晚

To usher the year of pig, Renaissance Chinese Opera Society was proud to present “The Drunken Beauty” at the  annual Chinese New Year Gala in New Jersey State Theatre.  The historic 1800-seat venue was filled with audience.  Renaissance Chinese Opera Society troupe had done a wonderful job  exhilarate the audience.  Special thank you to our volunteer cast members, Ms Tiffany Ho, Mr. Huang Xiaoyan, Ms. Rose Liu, Ms. Rayna Yu, and Ms. Isabella Ji for weeks of hard work in preparing for the show.

2/12/2019 華夏普蘭斯堡中文學校春晚 精彩紛呈 SOURCE: WORLD JOURNAL






Special thanks to Karl Wang for sharing below photos.



2019 普兰春晚 Chinese New Year Spectacular

To usher the year of big, the State Theatre in New Brunswick will be hosting an annual Chinese New Year Spectacular on February 2nd 2019 at 7:00pm. Dear friends please contact me at 1-201-993-5247 if you need tickets.
Jenny Jia.

聯系電話::201-993-5247 Jenny



12/29/2018 Renaissance Chinese Opera Society End of Year Celebration

Time Flies, it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2018.  Looking back, 2018 has been a mind-blowing year for Renaissance Chinese Opera Society, participated in over 25 different events, including the unforgettable sold out “Sights and Sounds Performance” sponsored by the Middlesex County  Office of Arts and History.  Today’s end of year celebration event, we are thankful to have friends, Chinese Opera professionals and enthusiasts come from tri-state areas to join us.  The event includes Chinese Opera, karaoke, dance. and variety of delicious dishes from friends and Ms. Jia.  It was a wonderful way to mark the end of 2018.