6/30 国粹雅颂 Sights and Sounds

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由Middlesex County Art & culture Office主辦、中兴國劇社承辦,新州罗格斯大学孔子学院鼎力协办中兴社的“国粹雅颂”国剧及文化艺术专场将于六月三十号在Middlesex County College Performing Art Center举行。这次专场不同于以往任何一个专场,实现了多个零的突破,为中国非物质文化遗产在海外传播开了历史先河!


The Renaissance Chinese Opera Society, supported by the Confucius Institute of Rutgers University and sponsored by the Middlesex County Office of Arts and History, is proud to debut sensational Sights and Sounds of Chinese Operas and Chinese cultural heritages to the Middlesex County College Performing Arts Center on June 30th, 2018.  The mission of this unprecedented event, led by Master Yong-Hong Jia and accompanied by several world-class Chinese opera professionals, will travel back in time and revive and share the rich history of Chinese wisdom of humanity with the New Jersey audience.


The Sights and Sounds premier production blends the finest of Chinese cultural arts and heritage into a spectacular stage performance.  In an effort to promote cultural diversity, for the first time, the Renaissance Chinese Opera Society will unveil hidden valuable Chinese intangible treasures to the mainstream public.  Each lyric and act will be translated into English, allowing diverse audiences to emotionally dive into the exquisite beauty of Chinese cultural heritages.  This unprecedented performance, to be held on June 30th, is specially designed to present a long history of highly-developed Chinese art forms, including excerpts from various types of Chinese operas, including Kunqu, Peking Opera, Yueju, Huangmei, and Sichuan Face-Changing opera.  These operas are different in their singing and performance styles and are based on the specific regions, dialects, and traditions from which they originated. Even without understanding the language, the audience can still enjoy hearing and seeing the noticeable differences in art forms.   In addition, the event will also feature beautiful traditional Chinese dances, strolling calligraphy, and entertaining Chinese

shadow puppetry.  Audience will certainly appreciate the amazing vocal arts, unforgettable beauty and magic in this amazing performance rich in Chinese history, art, and culture.

“国粹雅颂”的专场还会在演员阵容上实现零的突破。贾永红,房玉麟,金花,李冬丽,陈佳,陈永东,冯雪征,李霞,胡薇薇,史蒂芬.凯派林,冯光宇及从纽约和中国特别邀请来的马德帆,李鹏,李庆凤,刘玉霞,李駿青,王皓松都是专家级和专业级的知名演员。他们都有自己的教学场所或基地,都常年活跃在新州纽约乃至北美地区的大小舞台,为宏扬国韵辛苦奔波,为传承国粹而努力耕耘。还有齐淑芳,史洁芳,李开屏, 秦肖玉等享誉艺坛的老一辈艺术家,不辞劳苦,不顾年事已高,倾自己所有培养后人,传承薪火。六月三十日的舞台,因为有了他们而必将熠熠生辉, 星光灿烂。

The “Sights and Sounds” production is an unprecedented event supported by a group of passionate world-class artists from various fields of expertise including, Yong-Hong Jia, Yuling Fang, Diana King, DongLi Li, Chen Jia, YongDong Chen,  XueZheng Feng, Xia Li , Sally Hu, Defan Ma, Peng Li, Junqing Li, Qingfeng Li, Yuxia Liu, Shufang Qi, Jiefang Shi, Kaiping Li, Stephen Kaplin, Kuang-Yu Fong and Xiaoyu Qin, and Tony Wang. These legendary artists have kept a song in their hearts, spent their lifetime preserving the great traditional Chinese art forms.  Many of these artists have lived through the peaks and falls of the Chinese Opera over the past six decades and many are now retired and living in anonymity. However, they are still fighting their life-long passion with their heart and soul to preserve and share the thousand-years beautiful art forms and history of China with the North American audience.

我们可以毫不夸张的说六月三十号 ”国粹雅颂”的专场演出将是大美东地区首次汇集多种中国国粹非物质文化遗产的艺术盛典,将是历史意义上零的突破!






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日期DATE: 6/30/2018

時間TIME: 3:00PM – 5:00PM




EDISON, NJ 08818-3050

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